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Beginning in August 2019, any campus having one or more student group that does not meet the  Closing the Gaps target for three years in a row will be identified for Targeted Support and Improvement. TEA just released 2017 Closing the Gaps tables, so now you can see which components haven't met target for the last two years at your school.

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Data-driven campus leaders know the power of the Campus Comparison Groups. Now get the same valuable information for districts. You'll get a list of the 50 most similar districts to yours (in order) in terms of size and percent EL, SpEd, EcoDis, mobility, and ECHS.  Now with A-F ratings and map distance!


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TEA only reports the 40 schools most similar to yours, and doesn't show how close they are. Our Expanded Campus Comparison Group shows you 75 schools, sorted by similarity, and now includes A-F ratings and map distance!

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Now that you have your 2018-19 PEIMS Fall Snapshot, you've got all you need to know your 2019 A-F Accountability cut points in all domains. Just choose your campus type and enter in your EcoDis percentage, and get a customized report in seconds, complete with your school's logo.

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EL Proficiency Status Projections Thumbn

This tool will take your 2013-17 TELPAS data files and instantly tell you how your district performed in terms of the English Language Proficiency component of the Closing the Gaps (Domain 3) under A-F and ESSA. 

Do this for consecutive years, and you can see how your ELs perform longitudinally.

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